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Solar Pond Aerator Oxygen Pump with Battery Backup 200LPH - Demo Kit


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- Solar powered pond oxygenator pump demo kit with mains powered adaptor

- Great for efficient oxygen supply to pond with fish and plants

- Includes 2 air stones for maximum oxygenation

- 1.4W solar panel with 6V DC oxygen pump

- Back-up battery supply of 4x rechargeable AA batteries. Select the correct mode for day and night use

The solar pond aerator provides a flow of oxygen into ponds koi fish and plant living in ponds. With a 1.4W amorphous solar panel, this will oxygenate the pond on sunny days. The kit includes 2 separate air stones that can give maximum oxygenation, each attached to a 2m clear tube.

When the kit is first received, allow panel to charge batteries to full without the pump attached. Turn the pump on with the button on the solar panel and choose between day and night mode.

The solar system has 2 modes. Turn the aerator pump on with the on/off switch. Then select day or night mode with a push to the mode button. The day mode will purely use solar power from the panel to power the pump while also giving energy surplus to charge the batteries. The day mode is shown by the green light indicator. The pump will switch off if the day becomes cloudy or when evening falls.
The night mode will only work during evening and night time on the battery backup system. The batteries should be fully charged before use, and will power the oxygenator pump with a red light indicator showing. The night mode will not work in daylight.

The solar panel has a 3m cable allowing a wide range of positioning, if your pond doesn't have constant sunlight. With the ground spike, position your panel at an angle to get sufficient sunlight to power the panel.

With a backup battery supply of 4x rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries fitted at the back of the panel, the oxygen supply won't stop if the panel doesn't have enough sunlight. This lets your pond oxygen pump to carry on for a longer time, through cloudier days. The system requires batteries to complete the circuit.

The eco-friendly solar pond air pump will keep a constant supply of oxygen with no extra maintenance costs. In the colour green, you are able to disguise and blend the solar aerator within greenery for a finished look.

*The panel / pump has been used in our office for demo purposes. It has been fully tested and comes with a 1 year warranty. *

Note: When the kit is first received, allow panel to charge batteries to full over 8 hours without the pump attached.


- Air Volume: 2x 100LPH
- Airstone Depth: 1m

Panel Specifications

- Dimensions: 19cm x 22cm x 3cm
- Wattage: 1.4W

Pump Specifications

- Pump dimensions: 8cm height, 9cm width, 16cm length
- Operation Voltage: 6V DC
- Pump Cable Length: 3m

What you get

- 1x solar pump pond oxygenator demo kit with:
- 1.4w solar panel
- Green air pump
- Mains apdator
- 2x clear tubing (2m)
- 2x air stones
- Set of  4 rechargeable AA 1200mAh 1.2V Ni-MH batteries
- Ground spike set

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