Solar Pond Fountain Pump with Battery 2W 70cm Kit


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- 2W solar fountain with battery backup - 5 x AA NiMH batteries

- Panel: 2W with backup battery power storage for cloudier days

- Fountain reaches maximum water lift of 50 cm. Maximum flow rate: 170L per hour

- Ideal for garden ponds, water features for day and evening time

- Rechargeable backup power lasts 2 - 3 hours on fully charged batteries

This premium water fountain will add a mesmerising feature for gardens and water features. The solar fountain can lift the water up to 50cm high, and with a choice of 3 nozzles, give a range of water spray effects to suit all tastes.

The garden pond fountain is powered through a 2W solar panel, to provide an efficient and eco-friendly feature. With a 5m long cable, position the panel in the sunniest spots.

With the battery backup of 5x AA NiMH batteries, the panel will charge the battery while powering the fountain to provide a backup power source. It will last 2-3 hours on fully charged batteries.
Ideal for cloudy days or to keep the fountain going into the evening. The batteries are easily replaceable and are located at the back of the panel.

The solar powered water fountain is perfect for a garden feature, or to use at hotels and at outdoor events. The the 1m long clear tubing, incorporate into waterfalls and water features.


- 6V DC brushless pond pump
- Operating Voltage: DC 6-9V
- Max. Water Flow Rate: 170LPH @ 6V
- Max. Water Lift Height: 0.7 metres (50cm fountain jet)
- Cable Length: 5 metres
- 5 x AA NiMH batteries 1200mAh 1.2V
- Weight: 500g

Panel Specifications

- Power: 2W
- Dimensions: 22cm x 17cm x 4cm

What you get

- 1x 2w fountain kit with battery backup
- 3 fountain nozzles
- 1m clear flexible tube

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