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Solar 12V DC Fan for Caravan, Boat with 20W Panel

SKU: 10"DCFan.Green_20WSP

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- Premium 12V portable fan with 20w panel

- Comes with a 20W monocrystalline solar panel to power the fan

- Ideal for caravans, camping holidays and outdoor activities

- Great for your garden shed, greehouses, keeping cats, dogs, horses cool

- Can be powered by a 12V battery (not included), 20w panel (included) and mains adaptor (included)

Take away the heat with the premium portable 12 inch grey DC fan, bringing a cool breeze wherever you go.

Attach your 20W monocrystalline solar panel to power up the fan, a great way to relax in garden at summertime. Or why not take it along with you, portable with no messy wire it makes the great essential for camping and holiday trips.

Use in the car as a cooler system for your dogs. The solar power will keep the fan going even when the car's engine is turned off

This fan only produces a cool breeze. This fan does not have a heating element and the fan cannot produce any hot air or act as a heater.

Note: this fan can also be powered by a 12V battery (not included).

The fan has been supplied with a 1.5m cable. This cable has a male end connector which goes into the back of the fan (behind the speed buttons). The other end has crocodile clips which connect to the cable coming out of the solar panel.

DC fan specifications

- 3 airflow speed settings: low, medium, high
- Built-in 60 minute timer
- Oscillating grill for even airflow distribution
- Height: 30cm, width: 38cm, length: 15cm (12 inch fan)
- Weight: 1.35kg
- 5 blades
- Input: 12V
- Watts: 11W
- Power adaptor - Output: 12V DC 1.5A,  Input: 110-240V
- 1.5m cable with crocodile clips which can be connected to 20w solar panel or 12V battery

Solar panel specifications

- High efficiency monocrystalline solar module
- Rated power: 20W
- All weatherproof: suitable for outdoor use
- 1 x blocking diode to prevent reverse current flow
- Factory fitted strong aluminium frame
- Dimensions: 42 x 35 x 2.5cm
- Weight: 2.5kg (approximate)

What you get

- 12-inch portable DC grey
- 1.5m cable with crocodile clips
- 20W monocrystalline solar panel with bare wire end cable
- Power Adaptor 12V DC with 1m lead

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