Solar Powered Oxygenator Floating Air Pump for Garden Pond


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- Solar powered air pump that floats on the water

- Powered on 0.8W panel attached on the circular floating base

- Pump is 6V DC and released 150 litres per hour

- Use for ponds with fish, koi fish, plants and frogs

- Kit includes: floating base with panel and pump attched and clear tubing with air stone

Garden ponds require oxygen to keep the water clean and also for the fish and plants living within. The solar powered pond oxygenator pump provides oxygen to prevent levels dropping too low and maintain a rich oxygen system.

The solar pond aerator floats on top of the water surface, with the aerator pump on the bottom of the base. Attach the 0.5 clear tubing to the pump so it can release oxygen underwater. The floating foam keeps the circle base afloat.

The 0.8W solar panel is within the floating base. Being directly on top, the panel will get bright and direct sunlight for continuous oxygen release.

Use in ponds that maintain fish, koi fish, frogs and plant life.


- Panel Wattage: 0.8W
- Pump Operation Voltage: 6V DC
- Air Stone Depth: 0.5m
- Dimension: 26.5cm diameter, 9cm height

What you get

- 1x floating solar power air pump

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