Solar Shower Kit 20L Water Heater

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- Solar powered portable shower

- Allows up to 20 litres of water inside

- Easy to hang with included cord to allow water to flow smoothly

- Attached shower head on tubing

- Ideal for camping trips, festivals and weekend breaks

The solar shower is a portable water device that allows an instant shower wherever you go. Lay in direct sunlight with black surface exposed to heat up the water inside.

This device is great for taking camping, to festivals and for long trips away for a warm shower or to provide hot water when needed.

The shower head is attached to the tubing from the plastic water bag. This head has a on and off push to enclose the water inside and release through the shower head when needed. The hook allows the bag to be hanged high up.

Once used up, simply refill the bag through the top and heat up again!


- Heating time: approx. 3 hours
- Dimensions: 60cm height, 42cm width
-Tubing: 60cm length
- Cord length: 55cm
- Box Weight: 500g

What you get

- 20L Solar Shower: bag, cord, tubing with shower head and flow control

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