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Solar Underwater Pond Lights with Battery Backup


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- Set of 3 premium underwater LED lights with 2.5W solar panel and battery backup

- Battery is charged with solar panel in the day, and lights turn on automatically when it's dark. Battery lasts for 3-4 hours

- Each light has 6 white ultrabright LEDs, is fully waterproof and submersible. Perfect for your pond. Also ideal as garden spotlights, path lights, and for security

- Battery box contains 5 long-life AA Ni-MH batteries and doubles up as a battery charger for any Ni-MH AA battery

- Mains adaptor included to charge battery if it's cloudy or there's little sunlight

These 3 premium solar waterproof LED lights with battery backup are ideal for use as underwater pond lights or garden spot lights. They're also popular for illuminating dark areas for safety, and to light up paths and steps.

The powerful 2.5W solar panel will charge the battery during the day, and the lights will turn on automatically when it gets dark. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy beautiful garden lighting at no cost. The battery let sthe spotlights shine for 3-4 hours.

In case it's cloudy or there's little sunlight, we've also included a mains adaptor so you can charge the battery from the mains directly. This makes these lights ideal for use all year round, not just summer!

Note: the battery box contains 5 rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries. Unlike lead acid batteries commonly found in solar items with battery backup, Ni-MH batteries have a longer lifespan. This also means the kit doubles up as a battery charger for any AA Ni-MH battery!


- 3 waterproof spotlights, each with 6 white ultrabright LEDs
- Completely waterproof, ideal for use underwater
- Lights come on automatically at night and run dusk to dawn
- Rapid simple setup
- Cable length of lights: 0.85m (lights are interconnected)

Battery box

- Battery box can be charged with the 2.5W 6V solar panel (included) or mains adaptor (included)
- Battery box also can be used as a battery charger for 5 regular Ni-MH AA batteries
- Timer mode - if selected, lights work for 15 minutes with 15 minute intervals, saving battery charge
- LED indicator for battery charge status

What you get

- 2.5W solar panel and ground spike
- Set of 3 waterproof LED lights
- Battery box with 5 Ni-MH AA batteries
- Mains AC/DC adaptor
- Instruction manual

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