Frosted Candle Holders Red LED Flameless Tealights Set of 6

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- Red LED tealights in frosted candle holders

- Combination tealight and holder for complete look

- Battery powered for continuous and long lasting LED candle light

- Use for event decoration, home and bedroom lighting and for special occasions

- Set of 6 with included 1x CR2032 battery

The combined tealight and holder will present a professional and timely look to any venue. With the plastic holder sporting a frosted effect, the shining LED light for the tealight inside will provide a bright glow than a intense flicker.

The tealight come in a set of 6, each with a CR2032 battery inside to give an instant light for indoor decoration and event lighting.

The batteries give a long lasting 6 hour flame light that can be easily replaceable for repeat use.

Note: Available in 5 different coloured flames in frosted holders and 6 coloured tealight holders


- Height: 6cm
- Diameter: 5cm
- Weight: 10g per light

What you get:

- 6x frosted tealight holder with red LED

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