Water Aqua Balls Vase Filler Beads for Home Parties - Purple

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- Purple water beads - 5 x packs. Fill vases and bowls as decor as a water substitute.

- To enlarge - add into 1 litre of water for 12-24 hours

- Water beads grow up to 1.5cm dia. and 200x their own weight

- Each 10g pack will fill an average of 1 litre container.

- Match with different coloured water beads, LED vase bases or submersible lights

The magical water balls are a fun and easy way to add an elegant decoration for many occasions. The purple water beads can be used to fill vases, dishes and any glass ornament that would look stunning on a led vase base.

With a popular demand at special events and weddings, the aqua beads make an ideal centerpiece for wedding tables, for decorative purposes with submersible lights and to provide flowers water. Soak the beads in water till they have expanded to 1.5cm diametre.

The wide range of coloured water beads can be mixed and matched to create a fun multi coloured water bead table display.

How to use

Empty 1 pack of water beads into the vase
Add 1 litre of water per 10 grams of water beads
Soak for an average of 24 hours.
Get rid of any excess water and they'll be ready to use.

After care

Water beads may shrink after a few weeks of using. Simply add into water for a couple hours to go back to their full size.


Odorless, Non toxic, Reusable, Can inflate up to 200 time their original size.

Be Cautious!

Water Beads are not a toy and are not to be swallowed. Do not give to children to play with.
Do not empty water beads down a sink / drain / toilet.

What you get

5x packs of water beads - in purple

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