Water Beads Event Party Bio Gel Crystal Aqua Balls - Pink

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- Magical aqua beads that soak up water - 5 x packs

- Perfect for filling vases and decorative bowls for homes and events

- Simply add into water and wait until they soak up the water - up to 200 times their own weight

- Each 10g pack will fill a 1 litre (approx) container / vase; Each bead grows up to 1.5cm in diameteR

- Compliment with our submersible water lights to create an illuminant effect

The colourful aqua gems in pink are a showstopping decoration that are simple and easy to create. The effortless effect they create for events, weddings and as home decor, will leave an impressive memory.

The pink water balls can be added into flower vases, home ornaments and water fountains. By simply being left in water, the crystal water gel beads soak up the water and fill up to full size, with a marble ball effect. Keep in water features so they can constantly soak up the water or drain to insert directly into glass and transparent ornaments.

The water beads are a popular wedding centerpiece, mixing with flowers, vase bases and submersible led lights for a jaw dropping display.
Mix and match the pink water beads with event and party themes. Why not mix a range of coloured beads for a rainbow effect.

How to use

Simply empty the water beads into your vase or container.
Add 1 litre of water per 10 grams of water beads. (1 pack)
Leave to soak for 12-24 hours.
Drain any excess water, rinse and they are ready to use.

After care

Water beads may shrink after a few weeks. They will need to be re-hydrated for several hours to go back to their full size.


Odorless, Non toxic, Reusable, Can inflate up to 200 time their original size.

Be Cautious!

Water Beads are not a toy and are not to be swallowed. Do not give to children to play with.
Do not empty water beads down a sink / drain / toilet.

What you get

5x packs of water beads - in pink

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