Water Beads Event Party Table Centre Decorations - Blue

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- Blue Water Beads that magically soak up water - 5 x packs

- Use instead of water for flower vases, home decoration and party table pieces

- Expand the aqua beads up to 1.5cm dia by soaking in water for 12 hours+

- A full 10g pack will fill up a 1 litre vase by soaking up 200 times their own weight

- The crystal beads show an amazing marble effect when fully water absorbed

Looking for an original decoration for your next big event? The blue water beads will add a unique decoration to centerpieces and table vases with the soaking absorbed effect. Mix and match with our selection of led vase bases and submersible lights.

Match the blue aqua beads to your interior or party colour theme for a tranquil feel to your venue.

By leaving the water absorbing beads to soak up water for 12 - 24 hours, they will expand up to 1.5cm diameter, making an impressive vase filler. With our water bead collection including 10 colours, make a fun display of multi coloured crystal water balls by mix and matching colours.

How to use

Empty the aqua gem beads into your chosen vase
Add 1 litre of water per 1 pack of 10g water beads
Soak for around 12-24 hours.
Drain the extra water, and pop into your glass displays.

After care

Rehydrate your beads when they start to shrink. Soak for several hours to go back to the full size.


Odorless, Non toxic, Reusable, Can inflate up to 200 time their original size.

Be Cautious!

Water Beads are not a toy and are not to be swallowed. Do not give to children to play with.
Do not empty water beads down a sink / drain / toilet.

What you get

5x packs of water beads - in blue

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