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8cm LED Floating Pool Ball White Sensory Light


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- Premium floating orb lights white LED ball

- Place the 8cm sphere on water to make it shine with the activation points on the base. No ON or OFF switch

- The perfect addition to pools, ponds and tubs

- Access the 2x CR2032 batteries with a simple coin twist base

- Waterproof battery operated LED orb. 8cm diameter

Add some bright lights to any pool, pond or water feature with the floating LED ball. With a bright glow, the floating led 8cm ball will bring a scenic atmosphere to any garden and home.

The ball light is activated by placing on water with activation points that act just like a ON and OFF button. Watch as the colour radiates, creating beautiful water reflections as it sits steadily on the surface. With a tightly sealed base, this waterproof orb will light up all night reflecting its shimmer all around.

Why not add the glow inside your home and relax in the tub with a whimsical aura in your bathroom with the moon white glow of the night light. Grab all eyes as the delicate glow illuminates on the water, enhancing your garden features in a bright bask for over 6 hours with it’s long lasting battery.

Use a coin to simply twist the base and easily replace the 2x CR2032 batteries to keep the iridescent white light. Let them create the scene of any event. With their effortless feature, and an illuminated white shine, the waterproof led sphere brings a serene atmosphere perfect for weddings, formal events or pool parties.

Must be set on water for light to turn on. The light does not work out of water contact.


-Diameter: 8cm
-Weight: 65g

What you get

-1 x White LED floating ball
- Also available in colour changing LED

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