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8cm Floating Mood Balls Waterproof LED Lights - Set of 2


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- Set of 2 waterproof floating LED balls

- Float in water for instant illumination. 2 activation points act like ON and OFF switch

- Ideal 8cm accessory for water features including ponds and pools

- Coin twist base for easy access to 2x CR2032 batteries

- Avaliable in sets of 1, 2 & 3, also in colour changing

Illuminate any water space with these magically glowing orbs of white light. Decorate and enhance the natural beauty by basking your pond and pool in LED light, shimmering along the water surface and bringing a magical aura in front of your very eyes.

In a set of 2, put a designer spin in your garden and set the two floating balls in different water features, each level of a fountain or float in a bowl and place either end of a table. Great for indoor and outdoor use, the waterproof surface allows the 8cm floating orbs to dash luminescent white in every event.

Special occasions just got better when these floating spheres grab your guests attention. Or have a soak lit in subtle night light white, every venue will gain a glowing globe to enhance the atmosphere. With 2 water activation points, these act as the LED ball lights ON and OFF button. Turn on by placing on the water surface and take out and dry the base to switch off.

Changing the batteries has never been easier with a tightly water resistant base, which can be easily undone with a coin twist battery base. Allow the shine to continue on even when the party is done.

Must be set on water for light to turn on. The light does not work out of water contact.

- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 65g

What you get
- 2x LED floating ball- white LED
- Also available in colour changing LED

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