Set of 5 White Submersible Underwater LED Event Lights

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- Set of 5 battery powered underwater white LED lights

- Bright white LED light. Waterproof and submersible for indoors and outdoor use

- Long lasting battery life: up to 48 hours continuously or 2 weeks if used 4-6 hours per day

- Enjoy straight out the box. Batteries come pre-installed and are easily replaceable

- Use as home and event lighting in baths, pools, pond and flower vases

The set of 5 white submersible tealights are ideal when creating beautiful light displays in and out of water. The waterproof led lights are able to be fully submersed under water to bring a dazzling white light to all types of water displays. Pair with water beads for an original centerpiece decorations in flower vases, water fountains and pond and pools.

The flameless tealights are battery operated, allowing them to work underwater and on dry surface. With safe and heatless LED lights, the waterproof led lights are suitable for all surfaces and around pets and children.

With pre-installed 2x CR2032 batteries, the battery operated tealights can be enjoyed straight away. Turn ON and OFF with a twist to the base.


- Total height: 2.5cm (including flame)
- Base height: 1.5cm
- Diameter: 3cm
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries in each submersible LED light (included, installed and replaceable)

What you get

-Set of 5 white waterproof LED lights.

Note: Use these submersible lights together with water beads and LED vase bases

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