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Whether it’s a new garden water display you’re looking for or a fancy new feature for garden parties or outdoor events, the solar fountain pump kits can add an extra feature for any outdoor scenery.

The solar water fountain with battery backup can keep flowing even when the weather is cloudy or during night time. The solar powered fountains charge the battery in turn to provide a backup power system when the sun has disappeared for the day. Not only can the battery be charged up by solar panel, but it can also be charged through the mains adaptor, so the solar pond pump can be an all year feature.

The solar fountains kits are a wonderful feature for gardens and parks, and also creates water movement that can contribute to keeping ponds and pools algae free.

With a choice of fountain heights, the solar water fountain pump with battery backup are a suitable choice to fit a range of different ponds and pools. The pond pump fountains include 50cm, 1.25m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m heights.

A timer function is available in the 2m and 3m model, so the fountain can power save in the winter months. The built in timer controls the pump to work for 15 minutes every hour. It is the perfect choice for locations with not much sunlight to charge the battery.

The PK Green team

Solar Fountains With Battery Backup
Minimal Price: £45.99