About PK Green Custom Branded Light Boxes

These bespoke personalised LED light boxes are the perfect way to promote your brand at an event or venue. You can customise them with your logo. The larger cubes can even be used as stools and seats. Both wireless and mains powered versions are available.

All lightboxes customised in the UK, by hand

All customisation is done in-house, in our UK workshop, using premium waterproof custom-cut vinyl (superior to printing). The customisation is done by hand, to ensure your logo and business are portrayed in the most perfect way possible.

You can see examples of previous projects on this page, or on our portfolio page.

Many different sizes available: 10cm to 60cm

We have LED cubes in many different sizes in stock – from 10cm to 60cm. Light boxes up to 30cm (300mm) are perfect as table centrepieces for events and dinners. LED boxes of 40cm (400mm) or above can be used as stools or furniture – they have an 80kg weight bearing capacity, and are strong enough to sit on.

Cordless & mains operated options

We have 2 types of cubes available: rechargeable and mains powered.

Cordless rechargeable cubes are perfect for events, as there’s no mains power to worry about – and no trailing wires which makes for a very clean display. It also means there are no trip hazards (important in a commercial setting). They come with a remote, so you can choose any colour you want – and even a colour changing mode.

Mains powered light boxes are great if you want continuous lighting at a fixed location. They come with a bright LED bulb already fitted inside the lamp, so they will be ready to use at your venue. You have a choice of 3 different bulb colours: white, warm white or multi-colour. The multi-colour bulb comes with a remote so you can change the colour.

Perfect for corporate events & commercial venues

These personalised branded cubes with logo are popular for corporate events, as well as commercial venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs, resorts, cruise ships and TV studios.

Imagine your guests taking photos, with your branded light boxes in the background

Naturally, people take photos at events to share with co-workers and their network. This is even more true today, with sharing on social media. Imagine your guests taking photos at your event, with your illuminated logo in the background! In a photo, our eyes are naturally drawn to illuminated, bright objects. In this way, your company and logo will become more memorable, and your brand awareness will increase.

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