About PK Green Bespoke Custom Made Free Standing Light Box Signs

PK Green light box signs are bespoke and each design is custom produced by hand.


Solid construction, built to last

These free standing light boxes are made of a solid PE plastic mould (not just thin plastic sheets glued together).

This makes them shatterproof, portable and some of them are even strong enough to sit on (like the larger cubes - 40cm and larger).


Full-colour logo branding

The lights will be branded with the logo or design of your choice.

You can have different designs on each side of the lamp.

You could even have the whole lamp completely covered in your design.

See below for some possibilities (these are real previous projects, see more on our portfolio section):

Black light box with white logo

Rectangular light boxes, seamless borders (frameless)

Bespoke round freestanding light boxes

Custom globe light boxes

Multi-coloured light box display signs

Full colour LED light box display for exhibition


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Take your brand to the next level

These illuminated backlit displays will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's at your next exhibition, in your office reception, at a conference, or at a trade show - these light boxes are sure to grab attention.

Some of them are very functional too - for example, the illuminated ice buckets can hold wine or champagne; the larger cubes can be used as stools and seats.

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