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Concorde's First Flight 50th Anniversary - Aerospace Bristol

We received a lovely request from Aerospace Bristol to hire our LED ball lights for a fundraising dinner. This dinner was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Concorde’s first flight, with 550 guests in attendance.

The dinner was held directly underneath Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last Concorde to fly, which is housed in a hangar on their museum site (see image).

Our customer really wanted the dinner to be special and thought our 25cm LED spheres - one of our most requested hire items - would make great table centrepieces.

Since the 25cm orbs were selling fast at the time, we had to wait for new inventory to arrive, to assemble and provide the required quantity of the 25cm sized ball lights. We were unsure if the stock would arrive in time, so we offered an alternative of either a 20cm or 30cm ball. Luckily, the stock arrived in plenty of time and we were able to fulfil the entire order of 25cm lamps (plus a few extra just in case!).

We charged all 57(!) spheres before sending them out, to make sure they were ready to use straight away for the organised event. We also included a box of chargers and remotes to control and charge the ball lights throughout their use.

The ball lights were used as a decorative centrepiece, bringing a beautiful subtle glow to each table while creating a wonderful effect across the room.

We are happy and honoured to be a part of such a special event, and to help make the night even more memorable.


Photo credits to Aerospace Bristol



Fabulous Fund Fair in London - Time Based Event Group

We received a request for hire of the led ball lights for a charity event in Camden. We were asked if we could hire out our LED balls to help decorate the intergalactic themed Fund fair hosted by supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

This Fund fair took place for the fifth year running in hope to raise money and awareness for children in Russia with special needs.

We offered our best prices, taking in consideration it was for a charity event and our customer was more than happy with the offer for our LED ball Lights in sizes 15cm for table centrepieces and 30cm for room decor.

Once the order was confirmed, our team started getting the large order ready to be shipped out to the event venue in London. We had to charge and discharge the mood lights making sure the light stayed nice and bright and were suitable for a long night at the event. After charging 47 (!) 15cm spheres and a few 30cm spheres as well, we packed and dispatched the item, booking the courier for an early arrival time slot too.

Once that part was completed, it was non stop again in booking another courier to collect the items back after 4 days from the event company address and get them back to our warehouse.

Our mood lights really were at home in the space-themed venue, matching great with the vibrant game stalls, coloured lighting and even a swing carousel right in the centre. We were honoured to be part of such a great event for such a special cause and to provide our mood ball lights to help tie the night all together!



Colourful Candle Holders for Flame Free Homes - Hanover Group

We have received a request for colourful candle holders for this company. They were to promote a fire safety campaign working together with the fire service.

We were happy to be a part of such an important stance, promoting the use of LED candles to reduce the risk of home fires started by naked flame candles.

We worked together with Hanover to create the perfect candle holder.

They originally requested a glass coloured frosted holder. We offered them a range of options, from plastic or glass coloured holders to plastic or glass frosted white holders with a colourful LED flame inside. The plastic holder was the preferred choice, so it could be shipped safely to their customers.

Samples were requested and sent before the large order, so we could get them exactly how the customer company wanted.

We not only had to provide a large amount of led tealights in holders but to organise to manufacture them from scratch so the candle holder colours were an exact match to the company’s logos.

They went on and ordered house boxes from another supplier so the candles would arrive at their customer's house in a neat house shaped box.

The candles were to be sent as a free gift to Hanover’s loyal customers to keep them aware of how dangerous candles can be at home.

Hanover Scotland Candles


Hanging LED Orbs Order - PFINX

We had an order for the US that required the assembly of a large quantity of 30cm and 40cm hanging balls lights. After a mix up during a website order, our service team arranged a new order along with a faster courier to guarantee the items to arrive under a weeks time.

Our mains powered led hanging spheres are a new addition to our led sphere collection, bring a colourful light in modern stylised decoration.

The led spheres are available in white, warm white and colour changing, as well as in a floor or ceiling styled lamp in a range of sizes.

Our customer was interested in the white version in 30cm and 40cm ceiling balls.

Our team got to work fast, inserting the hanging base onto our led spheres and testing the bulb to make sure all the items were working 100%.

All in the same day, the items were packed and shipped off to the US, where they will be used as part of a commercial the company is shooting in New Jersey. The company creates scenery and props for commercials, industrials and live events.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the hanging ball lights in the next up and coming US commercials!


Energy LED Balls - Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy is a business which offers gas and electricity for customers in domestic and business areas. They aim to provide fair tariffs, support local renewable energy and dedicate their business and services to their customers.

They approached us to ask about our LED sphere lights. They were looking for a way to showcase “energy” in their advertisements.

The led mood balls were to represent a ‘ball of energy’ and our mood spheres were very fitting!

They created an order with us for a large range of quantities in the differently sized spheres: 60cm, 40cm, 25cm and 20cm to fill an event with the same ‘energy’ theme

We charged and prepared the ball lights, and once everything was confirmed, we shipped the ball lights out with an upgraded delivery so they reached the destination before the required date.


LED Ball Lights for O2 Conference Week - Sledge

We had a request for events company, Sledge, to see if we could hire out our LED ball lights for a conference event at the o2 in London.

Sledge is a events company that specialises in curating live experiences and film. They help deliver experiences in live events and film creations.

After conferring and looking through the best courier to deliver Sunday, we had come to a decision and everything was booked in! This gave them time to set up before the conference on Monday. We then arranged for the driver to pick up the items on Wednesday afternoon.

The delivery arrangements were quite hectic as we received the sudden ‘Beast from the East’ but the items reached the venue in time and were able to create beautiful venue decoration for the conference.


Floating Pool Ball Lights - Sledge

We had the pleasure of working with the events company Sledge again for another event, in which our floating led ball lights were in need.

The main choice for our led ball lights was that they could float on the water, as well as being weighed down too.

Our waterproof spheres had an attached handle which allowed the ball lights to be anchored down so they wouldn’t move too much, especially if the wind picked up.

We reserved the requested quantity so we could make sure stock was available for when payment was received. We also could request specific time deliveries for AM, so the team had the day available to set up and charge the ball lights.

Our led balls were used as floating decorations in a pool, which creates an amazing effect of the light reflecting in the water.

The items were safely returned to us and we look forward to working with their team again!


Victoria Grant's LED Hats

The exquisite fashion hat designer, Victoria Grant is always looking for the next best idea and unique decoration for her out-of-this-world hat designs. We had the honour to provide her with fairy lights and EL wires, which she’s used in campaigns and designs for her neon hats making them electric (literally!).

With Grant now being a repeat customer, we look forward to providing her with all the tools and equipment she needs to carry on with her line of work and her fashion-forward hat designs.

Victoria Grant is a well-known hat designer, worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and Paloma Faith. Her unmissable unique flare in her hat designs make her stand out from the fashion trends of today and her hat designs are known to her name.

We were approached by the designer herself, to request a purchase of our EL wires. Contacting us through our website live chat first, we were able to offer her an array of colours and wire lengths we had available. Through multiple purchases, we have provided the hat designer with fairy string lights, EL Wires and wire splitters.

She can now style and accessorise her newest fashion hats with fun and eccentric LED lighting to make them stand out from the crowd.