About PK Green Exhibition Light Box Displays - Trade Show LED Signs with Logo

The ultimate portable lightboxes for your exhibition stand

These portable LED light boxes are the perfect way to enhance your stand at your next exhibition, expo, conference or trade show.

With a custom printed full-colour logo, there's no better way to promote your brand.

Illuminated signs are the perfect way to grab attention - our eyes are naturally drawn to light.

No setup required - saves you time and hassle at the last minute

Setting up an exhibition stand can be time-consuming, complicated and stressful - particularly since you only have a few hours to do the setup.

Unlike other illuminated displays which require complex setup, these light boxes from PK Green can be used right out of the box. No setup required. Simply unbox, plug in and enjoy.


Rechargeable and mains powered options available

You can choose from wireless or mains powered light boxes - wireless ones are perfect for trade show / exhibition booths as there are no wires to worry about. Simply charge them beforehand, and they'll last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Stunning displays possible: elevate your brand to the next level

Some of our previous projects (see our Portfolio page for more):

Custom branded LED light boxes for trade fair

Circular illuminated round light boxes for conference event

Rectangular light boxes for expo

Unique light box lamps

Bespoke custom made light box for event

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