About PK Green Outdoor Mood Lamps

Who said your outdoors couldn’t enjoy the light from our mood lamps. Our collections of outdoor garden lights are waterproof and ready for the outside elements. In a delectable choice of shapes, sizes and colours, there are certainly mood lights suited for your garden.

See our wide variety of outdoor mood lamps in a series of wondrous shapes. From dolphins ideal for water themed décor or a subtle cube or ball in an array of colours and sizes. Even the christmas tree shaped lights can make an appearance, whether for a delight for all year lighting or just for seasonal Christmas times. Grab a single light or create a display with the set of 4.

Our largest orb light can transform pools, pond and water features in an instant with the illuminate LED effect. Fully submerge our water resistant pool balls and cubes, without any stress or mess. The waterproof lights can provide a fun and fruitful light during pool parties, outdoor events or as a simple garden decoration.

Whether you want the LED outdoor lamps to take the spotlight or to be a useful tool, the light up stool cube fits this description to the tee. The multi-purpose mood light can switch up the role for a range of occasions. Place as a garden decoration, use as a handy table or enhance your patio with our glowing LED furniture collection.

When it comes to selecting the colours you want your mood lights to shine, the universal remote makes the selection simple. With a choice between 16 steady hues, let the light up garden ornaments take your event in a direction with different colours. Meanwhile, 4 optional flash modes are available to help bring a soothing effect with the gradual rainbow cycle or spark up the night with flash and strobe effects.

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