About PK Green Outdoor Floating Pool Ball LED Lights

Floating Lights for Pool, Party, Events

Liven up any pool party, garden pond and water feature with the range of floating orb lights. Suited for floating on water surfaces, the led ball lights can make any water features a display of bright light.

The floating LED lights are waterproof. Lightweight, they can sit gently in water and subtly move around for a peaceful LED feature.
What’s more they are suited for all water features, including outdoor ponds and pond and even running water fountains. The LED balls are able to float and are resistant to rain and water splashes.

The wide variety of led floating balls can fit all needs with the versatile colours and sizes for water displays at home or to decorate outside and indoors at large events, parties and weddings.

They can add an amazing table centre for weddings, special events and fancy table lighting at home and in the garden.

Whether you are looking for a classic crystal white or want to liven up the party with funky colour changing, the remote allows you to choose from 16 different colours and 4 colour changing modes.


Floating Ball Lights with Remote

There are many sizes available, including 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60cm. The series of LED waterproof lights are a unique light display that can add the exclusive finishing touch to water displays at hotels, bars and outdoor lighting.

The Lithium rechargeable battery allows portablility when arranging the light up sensory balls. Charge through mains power and set the light balls on water or dry surfaces. The set of 3 outdoor lights are popular to sit by pool sides while giving a relaxing aura of colourful light with no worry of water splashes.

The LED light balls include an easy to use remote that makes changing colour really simple. Browse through the 16 static colour features or make a statement with 4 flashing modes and choose the colouring you want to set the mood with.

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