About PK Green Sensory Lights

Sensory lights can fill a room with its mesmerising transforming colours and relaxing glow, bringing an atmosphere of tranquillity and comfort.
Our mood lighting ideas for sensory rooms can transform gradually through a variety of colours, for a soothing aura; which is why these mood lights are not only a unique table lamp but a great item for calming techniques for children and adults with visual sensory difficulties including autism.

With a choice of static or gradual colour, our led sensory lights can act as a relaxant or stimulant and block any irritations by distraction; while also teaching educational skills like colour recognition. Its relaxing effect will create better well-being at home and help development in the visual sensory system.

Our sensory lights for children are great for educational skills, encouraging creativity and positivity and helps learn cause and effect by activating the light with remote buttons.
Create a positive association between colour and mood with the wide range of 16 colours. Stimulate sensory impaired conditions with the gradual cycle of a rainbow of colours or help relax behavioural conditions with soothing blues and greens. Choose static pastels for a peaceful environment, perfect for every calming sensory room.

The collection includes all kinds of shapes and sizes, including sweet animal shapes, fun LED eggs or our most popular, light up cube stools. The mesmerising colour change veils the room in a relaxing yet fun feel. Set the colourful lamps around the home as décor or even as a LED mood cube shower stool, to make every day entranced by the LED light.

“My son is autistic and has series sensory issues, he loves this light and uses it as a night light. We love the colour change and dim-able properties of the light and the remote control is fantastic. It's a huge help in supporting 'calm down' time when things have got too much for my son to cope with.” (20cm Rechargeable Cube Table Lamp)

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