About PK Green LED Furniture

Bright and funky our specialised LED furniture online is sure a head turner when it comes to focal pieces. The range extends to full furniture sets; from cocktail tables and stools, to half-moon tables and comfy apple shaped chairs. Set the scene with the iridescent rainbow light, that just tempts you to sit down on them.

Our LED furnishings contain 16 bright colours and some wild flash and strobe modes, appropriate for bars, clubs and restaurants that are looking for a unique way to bring a relaxing aura. Allow the pulsing mood light tables to enhance the fun-filled room or keep static for a classy illumination.

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated LED light for tables and decorations, why not check out the light up ice bucket? With dual-use, the bucket can cool wine and champagne while being an eye catching centre piece. With a choice of shape, the LED bucket can be put to multiple uses from cooling bottles to displaying flowers, while illuminating the entourage.

You can also use these light up garden furniture pieces in your outdoors and patio. Set along your patio for a vibrant evening outdoors. What’s more, with waterproof and outdoor led furniture and lamps, the light is safe to be set in the garden.

Whether you are organising a small get together or throwing a big birthday bash, our LED cube lights are fit to specialise for all events. Available in a range of sizes, choose the ideal decorative mood cube for your home or venue.

We also offer coffee tables, cube stools and sofa chairs that light up in zesty LED colours. Illuminate dark corners at home or entrance guests with the spectacle of glowing furniture. Our mood lighting collection is all controlled with a universal remote, which allows easy choosing when it comes to colours. From bright white, soothing blue or a pop of pink, there is a colour available for all events.
Why not set the colours on cycle, with options from a gradual change, a fast flash or a strobe effect. With the versatile range to mix and match, why not buy led furniture for show stopping features and furnishings.

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