About PK Green LED Ball Lights RGB Sphere Lamp Orbs

Bright, bold and with a brilliant light – extenuate homes and party venues with our high-quality LED ball lights. Whatever the size, every sphere brings a bright light suitable for parties and events with the unique and wide variety.


Types of ball lights

- Table Ball Lights

- Floor Lamp Spheres

- Outdoor Floating Orbs

- Ball Pendant Lights

- Small Decorative Orbs

- Garden Path Lights


More details

If you’re seeking a certain size, our collection of LED balls range from 10cm to 60cm and everything in-between. Make a statement with our bigger sized orbs or choose selections to create a wonderful LED display.

From wedding venues, to garden walls, to children’s bedrooms, there is a light-up globe lamp suited to add a dash of stylish lighting. The pallet of illuminate colours and the interchangeable flash modes can change with a press of a button to suit all occasions. What’s more, with a dimmable light, you can set the mood ball as a soothing sphere night light for young children. With a cool to touch plastic exterior and an internal rechargeable battery, there is no worry of trailing wires or hot surfaces thereby creating a safe source of mood lighting.

We also offer LED floating pool balls for an outdoor poolside party. Being fully waterproof, the mood globe lights can decorate ponds, pools and water fountain displays. Take the smaller sizes into the bathroom for a safer and more fun source of light!

Keep the outside alight with our range of outdoor led mood lighting. We have practical and pretty interesting LED lights that will brighten up the outdoor setting. Specific for the garden, our LED golf ball decorative lights can line down the garden path and illuminate the way while enhancing the natural outdoor splendor. Our portable hanging ball can easily decorate walls, gates and hanging flower baskets. In fact, the hanging ball can be used for dances and exercises with the stretchy handle and wire.

Control selective LED globes with the included remote. Flick through an assortment of colours that can be set to static or bring an interesting scene with the choice of flash modes; ideal for every event.

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