About PK Green Ambient RGB Lights & Lamps

These colour changing mood lamps will create the perfect ambience in your room or event.

These RGB lights come in a few types: battery powered, rechargeable and mains operated.


The rechargeable ambient lamps could work very well at your event, show, conference or fair – since they have no wires, you can put them anywhere, and move them around. There’s also no danger of tripping over the wires either – ensuring your guests’ safety.

The long battery life of up to 8 hours means that they’ll keep glowing all evening – and that’s on the brightest setting. Dim the lamps, or change the colour to get even longer battery life.

How do you change the colour? Just use the remote control provided – or push the button at the bottom. Using the remote, you can change the colour, control the brightness with the dimmer buttons, and even change the speed of the colour changing modes.

To charge, you can just use the charging adaptor provided.


Mains powered mood lamps come with a colour changing E27 bulb already installed. They also come with a remote, so you can choose any colour you want (choice of 16 colours) as well as a colour changing mode.

These are just plug and play – plug into the mains, switch on and enjoy.

They have a switch on the cord so you can turn them on and off easily.


Battery powered ambient lights are just that, powered by AA or AAA batteries. They have a really long battery life of over 24 hours continuously – so you won’t need to change the batteries anytime soon.


Whether it’s for your home (in your living room or bedroom) or for your business (hotel, restaurant, bar, pub) – these ambient lights will create the perfect atmosphere lighting.

Moreover, why not personalise your lights with your own logo, design or text?

See our recent projects for more details, or visit our personalised lamps category.

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