About PK Green Bar Lighting & Lamps

These portable, wireless lamps are sure to impress your guests at your bar or restaurant. Whether it’s table lamps for table centrepieces, hanging pendant lights for ceiling, or floor lamps for feature pieces, these lamps will create the perfect atmosphere at your bar, club or pub.

In fact, you have a choice between rechargeable, totally cordless bar lamps (perfect for table centres) or corded, E27 lamps (great if you don’t have the time to keep charging your lamps).

Both types – rechargeable and mains powered – look great and are sure to create a great ambience. With the rechargeable lamps, you’ll even get a remote control so you can choose any colour you want – even a colour changing mode. One remote controls all the lamps, so you can change all your lamps to one colour at the same time. Or set them all on a colour changing sequence and watch them fade from one colour to the next, through the evening.

Personalised bar lamps

If you want to go one step further, why not personalise your lamps with your logo or text? You could put the name of your bar or restaurant on the lamps (ideally on multiple sides) – so that way your guests will remember your establishment and keep coming back, time and time again.

Next time they want to recommend your business to their friends or family – they are more likely to remember the name of your bar if they see it on your lights and lamps!

Some examples of our previous work:

Great lighting draws attention, so what better way to draw attention to your brand than customised LED lamps?

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