About PK Green Cordless Multi Colour Bar Table Lamps

These wireless multi-colour table lamps from PK Green are the perfect modern lighting solution for your bar, restaurant, club or pub.

Being rechargeable, there are no wires to worry about. You can place these lights anywhere, and change your displays any time you want.

Being remote-controlled, you can control all the lamps at the touch of a button. Choose from 16 different colours to create the perfect mood – or set them on a colour changing sequence where they will create a unique atmosphere.

You can control all the lamps using just one remote – so you won’t have to store multiple remotes – and so it’s less time-consuming for you.

To charge the lamps, simply use the mains charger provided – just plug in to charge. Fully charged, these lamps will last up to 10 hours continuously – and that’s on full brightness. You can dim the lights as you please, which will extend the battery life even further.

With a high quality PE plastic casing, the lamps are shatterproof – unlike traditional glass table lamps. So you won’t have to worry about things breaking, falling and ruining the evening.

Customise your lamps for a unique look

You can even personalise your table lamps to make an unforgettable impression. Brand the lamps with your logo or design – and make your dining or drinks establishment one to remember. Your guests will love these and they will help spread the word about your business.

Imagine your guests taking photos of their table, with their family and friends, and with your branded lamp (with your logo) in the middle of the table! The ultimate way to spread the word about your bar or restaurant and ensure every night is busy.

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