About PK Green Bedroom Floor Lamps

This collection of premium modern floor lamps will create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom. Whether it’s a bright E27 mains powered lamp, or a relaxing cordless colour changing mood light, you’ll find the perfect lamp for you at PK Green.

Traditional floor lamps are just that – traditional. Break the mould and opt for a modern alternative. These lamps are made of high quality PE plastic – so they’re shatterproof. Great if you have kids around.

Rechargeable cordless bedroom floor lamps

What’s more, if you do have children in the home, opt for a rechargeable floor lamp. They have no mains power, and no trailing wires – perfect for kids – and perfect as sensory lights.

You can control the wireless floor lamps using the remote control included – choose any colour you want at the touch of a button. Turn them on and off without having to get up from your bed. Dim them as you please, from the comfort of your bed.

Mains powered E27 floor lamps for bedroom

Mains powered floor lamps come with 3 choices of bulb – white, warm white or colour changing.

The bulb is already installed inside the lamp, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new bulb and inserting it into the lamp. Simply unbox the lamp, plug in, switch on and enjoy!

With the colour changing (multi colour) bulb, you also get a remote control so you can select any colour you want, and even a colour changing sequence if you wish. Great for creating a surreal atmosphere in your bedroom.

Personalised floor lamps for your bedroom

Want to create a completely unique lamp? It’s possible (to be honest, Adidas tells us nothing is impossible, so this must be possible).

Customise your lamp with your own text, design or logo. We also have many unique designs for you to choose from. Each lamp is handcrafted in our UK workshops using custom-cut, high quality vinyl.

All in all, this selection of floor lamps is perfect for your bedroom.

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