About PK Green Bedroom Table Lamps

These premium PK Green table lamps are available in mains powered and rechargeable versions. They make great bedside lamps, night lamps and elegant table lamps for your bedroom.

Wireless Bedroom Table Lamps (with Remote and Dimmer)

The rechargeable and battery powered versions are great if you have children around, as there are no trailing electric wires and no danger of mains electricity. They’re heatless and cool to touch – safe for kids to hold. With a long battery life (over 10 hours continuously), they make perfect night lamps to put on the bedside table.

Being remote-controlled, you can choose any colour you want. You can also dim or brighten the lamps using the buttons on the remote. So you can control the lamps from the comfort of your bed, without needing to get up to switch them on/off or adjust the brightness.

Mains Operated Bedside Table Lamps (3 choices of bulb)

Our mains powered table lamps come with a bulb already fitted inside the lamp, so you can use them straight away.

You have a choice of white, warm white or multicolour bulb.

The multicolour RGB bulb comes with a remote, so you can control the colours and brightness at the touch of a button, from the comfort of your bed.

The warm white option works well if you don’t need multiple colours – it also emits less blue light, so it’s calmer on your eyes at night – helping you to fall asleep quicker.

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