About PK Green Coffee Shop Lighting

This collection of premium LED lamps is sure to add a unique touch to your coffee shop, bar or restaurant. You can even personalise your lamp with your own logo, to make your brand even more memorable.

These days, there are many coffee shops out there, so it’s important to stand out on the busy high street. Unique, high quality lighting can help you do just that.

Table lamps for your coffee shop

Why not add a wireless LED table centre to each of your tables? You can control the table lamps at the touch of a button, using the remote control – choose any colour you want, or even a colour changing sequence. This allows you to set the perfect ambience, for the time of day and season.

Hanging lamps for modern ceiling lighting

Or, choose a modern hanging pendant light to create spectacular overhead suspension lighting. Hang illuminated cubes or spheres from your ceiling, and control them all with a single remote control. Adjust the brightness as you require using the dimmer buttons on the remote. Or alternatively, go with a plain bright white or warm white bulb.

Floor lamps for a feature piece

A selection of floor lamps is also available, to dot around your unit. You could even add floor lamps near your entrance, to create a unique welcome to your guests and coffee drinkers.

Personalise your lamps for a unique effect

You can also personalise your lamps – table lamps, floor lamps or hanging ceiling lamps – with your own logo or text. This is sure to make your establishment more memorable.

Imagine your guests taking pictures of themselves in your venue, and then your custom branded lamp gets featured in the photo. The photo gets shared, and your business gets instant publicity.

Add a personalised lamp to your venue today – you can customise cubes, spheres, eggs, and many more shapes.

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