About PK Green Cordless Lamps

PK Green cordless lamps are rechargeable. They are shatterproof. They come with a remote so you can choose any colour you want – even a colour changing sequence. They have a long battery life and will last up to 10 hours continuously.

No mains power, no trailing wires

With no mains power to worry about, you can put these lamps anywhere – perfect for events. Simply unbox, charge the lamp, and turn on. With no trailing wires, there are no trip hazards, and it makes for a very clean display. Great for trade shows, fairs, conferences, corporate events.

The lamps are also cool to touch, and safe for children to hold. They make perfect sensory lights.

Remote-controlled: 16 static colours, 4 colour changing modes

Charging the lamps takes 4-6 hours – a charger is included with every lamp. Once fully charged, simply turn on the lamp and enjoy. Choose from 16 static colours (including white) and 4 colour changing sequences (flash, strobe, fade, gradual smooth colour change). The remote also includes dimmer buttons, so you can control the intensity and brightness of your lights.

One remote controls all the lamps, so you don’t need a separate remote for each lamp. Control all the lamps with one remote, at your leisure.

High quality build material

PK Green lamps are made of high quality PE plastic, so they’re shatterproof. The premium material also allows uniform, even light distribution – ensuring your lamp glows in the most perfect way.

Waterproof (IP65 rated)

PK Green wireless lamps are waterproof and IP65 rated. You can use them outside, in your garden, on the patio or for outdoor commercial events. We also have a small selection of floating (IP67) lamps, if you’re looking to place them in a pool or pond.

UV resistant – won’t discolour or fade outdoors in the Sun

The high quality PE plastic is UV resistant, and won’t discolour even in strong sunlight. You can leave these lamps outdoors with confidence.

Personalise your lamps for the best effect

You can also personalise your lamps with your own logo, text or design. This will make them the perfect centrepiece, in your home or event. See some examples of recent projects we’ve done on our portfolio page, or view our selection of personalised lamps. Most lamps can be personalised. All customisation is done by hand, in our UK workshop.

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