About PK Green Decorative Floor Lamps

PK Green LED decorative floor lamps are great for your home, venue or event. Whether you want to create unique lighting in your living room, a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, or one-of-a-kind lighting for your event – these floor standing lamps are the perfect choice.

These free standing lights are available in many shapes and sizes – including sphere, cube, stools and LED furniture. Most PK Green lights are made of premium quality PE plastic, which makes the lights shatterproof and allows smooth light distribution throughout the surface of the lamp. This gives a uniform glow.

PK Green decorative lamps are available in rechargeable and mains operated options.

Rechargeable cordless floor lamps are perfect for events, parties, weddings, hotels – any venue where you want to create spectacular lighting quickly and easily. The wireless floor lamps are completely portable, since there are no wires to worry about. These means there are no trip hazards – particularly important for events. With no mains power, the lamps can be set up quickly, and they can be placed anywhere.

Mains powered LED floor lamps are great if you don’t want to keep charging your lamp, and if you have easy access to a mains socket. The lamps are ready to use out of the box, with a bright LED bulb already installed inside the lamp. You have many choices of bulb, including white, warm white and colour changing options.

Customised decorative floor lamps

For the ultimate effect, you can also personalise your floor lamp with your own text, logo, image or design. If you have a business, this is the perfect way to promote your brand and share your message. You can also gift these lamps – they make amazing housewarming gifts.

All personalisation is done using custom-cut waterproof vinyl, in our UK workshop. See some examples of recent projects on our portfolio page, or view our personalised lights page for more information.

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