About PK Green Decorative Lamp Supplier

At PK Green, we supply premium decorative lamps to businesses in the UK, Europe and America.

We are based in the UK. All our lights are assembled, customised, tested and shipped from our 10,000 square foot unit in the West Midlands, UK.

Established since 2006, we pride ourselves on our unique premium products, and our after-sales customer service.

Our range of decorative lamps consists of decorative table lamps, decorative floor lamps, and hanging pendant lights.

All of these lights are available in rechargeable and mains powered options.

Rechargeable wireless lights are great for events and venues – places where you require stunning lighting without the hassle of mains power or trailing wires.

Mains operated decorative lamps come fitted with a bright LED bulb, so you can use them straight away. They’re great if you need continuous lighting, without needing to charge the lamps in between.

All lamps – including balls and spherical shapes – can be personalised with your logo or design. We do all customisation in-house, in our dedicated workshop in the UK. Using the latest technology, we will customise your lamp to your specifications, using premium waterproof ultra-thin vinyl. This is great for promoting your brand and growing your business. See some examples on our portfolio page.

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