About PK Green Decorative Lamps

PK Green decorative LED lamps are perfect for your home or event.

All PK Green lamps are tested, assembled and customised in England – so you can be confident you’ll receive a great product and service.

Our decorative lights are available as rechargeable lamps, and mains powered lamps.

Wireless decorative lamps

Rechargeable lamps are perfect as a cordless lighting solution – great for events, restaurants (as table centres), bars, weddings, parties and clubs. They’re popular with hotels in hotel lobbies and lounge areas.

Since these lamps are rechargeable, there are no wires. This means these lamps are safe to use in open areas, with no trip hazards. They’re also safe to touch – great if there are children around. With no mains electricity required, you can put the lamps anywhere, and change your displays easily.

Outdoor lamps for garden decoration

Our wireless rechargeable lamps are waterproof (IP65 rated) – so you can use them outdoors in your garden or outdoor event. They are UV-resistant, so they won’t fade or discolour in sunlight.

Since they’re made from high quality PE plastic, they are shatterproof and they won’t break if dropped. The PE plastic also gives a smooth, uniform glow – allowing you to create serene ambient lighting anytime, anywhere.

Mains powered decorative lamps

Mains operated LED lamps are great if you require constant lighting, or if you want to use your own LED bulbs. Our lamps come installed with a bright LED bulb inside, so you can use them straight away.

Many shapes, many sizes

PK Green decorative lights are available in many shapes and sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect lamp for you.

You can even personalise your lamp with your own text, design or logo – check out our portfolio page or contact us for a bespoke quote.

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