LED Flower Vase, 27cm Rechargeable Colour Changing Light Up Plant Pot

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- Light-up flower bucket LED lamp with remote control- Shines through 16 bright colours, colour changing and 4 flash modes. Control the options with the remote

- Ideal for gatherings, parties and events, special occasions. Set in the middle of tables as a flower pot

- Use for multiple ideas: ice bucket, flower pot, storage, led party light, wedding table centre

- Long lasting LED light for 6 - 12 hours. Ideal for night time parties! Charge to full through included mains adaptor

If you’re looking for an extra addition to your event or just as a flashy item for home parties, the light up bucket is suited for the role. Bring out a statement piece that glows in a range of LED colours.

Our LED flower bucket is suited for many occasions with the versatile roles. Fill the bucket with ice for gathering and parties or use as a home decoration, filled with flowers or as a LED light.

With 16 colours to choose from, use the remote to select your favourite colour or setting. Switch through a range of warm, cool and bright white lights or take a relaxing turn with colour changing. Spice the event up with flash and strobe modes.

The light up flower holder has an internal battery, allowing it to be placed in table centers or carried around. Charge the battery with the mains adaptor, letting the LED vase bucket to glow for 8 hours on full charge.

When filling with water for flowers or ice for champagne, there is no outlet for any water drainage.


- Height: 50cm
- Width at top: 30cm 
- Width at bottom: 21cm
- Weight: 2.8kg
- Mains adaptor provided
- Charging time: 4 - 6 hours
- Battery life up to 6 - 12 hours on a single charge.
- 24 button remote. Remote functions include on / off, set to single colour choice, set colour to morphing; can set to various party effects like fade, flash, rapid colour changing etc.

What you get

1x LED flower bucket
1x mains adaptor
1x remote

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