About PK Green LED Mood Lighting

Who knew how fascinating and decorative mood light could be. It can be shone in different colours, even a colour changing LED in all forms, shapes and sizes. Let the LED mood lighting do all the talking at parties, and watch homes transform in spots of light. Singularly or in sets, add a statement of light as indoor and outdoor LED decorations. Perfect mood lighting ideas for upcoming events or home decorating.

Ball LED Light Globes

The ball led mood light can bring a glow of light in an orb shaped lamp, sitting perfectly as table centres, decorating floor lighting with their flat bases and some with a waterproof finish, the glowing sphere lights can reach out into waters, transforming all kinds of water features. A range of sizes allows opportunity to choose a size to suit you, or to pick a few to create a design of multiple globe lamps. Waterproof versions available; available in 8 - 80 cm size.


LED Egg Table Lamps

Get creative with LED egg lights. The perfect decor accessory. Many sizes available - from 10cm up to 32cm, these illuminate eggs can bring a restaurant together with a subtle but unusual table light. Outdoors will be transformed with the egg shaped waterproof LED lights, adding an essence of mood lighting to any environment. Bring out during Easter for stylised seasonal lighting or keep alight all year round.


Mood Cube Lights

Cubic and stylish, bask any venue is a soft light from the LED cube lights. Multi-versatile, switch up the garden decoration to a indoor led table lamp or a bedroom stool. Sturdy and strong, the larger cube mood lamps can bring events together while keeping resistant to outdoor conditions and constant usage. Waterproof versions available; available in 8 - 80 cm size.


Outdoor Decorative Lamps

Illuminate outdoors in garden mood lighting. Remote controlled and waterproof. Many shapes: waterdrop, spiral, tree lamps. Tall and small, the shapes can make the outdoors of homes, venues and festivals differentiate from the rest. Decorative in easy changeable LED colours, change the mood with a press of a button. Line across walls, down pathways and round the outskirts of the venue; and make outside stand out at night.


Decorative Table Lamps

Explore the greatest mood lighting suited for making each and every table a wonder of sight. Whether it's to brighten up bedside tables, spark a scene outside or to veil the dinner table in a vibrant glow, use these battery LED table lamps to bring a scene never quite seen before. With a remote available, change the mood to suit the night without disturbing the surroundings. Many different shapes and sizes. The perfect decor accessory.


Light Up LED Furniture

Perfect for events and restaurants. Bring a buzz to commercial establishments and domestic environments with the unique seating and table lamps. Sit in a centre of luminescent mood lighting, compatible with the bright lights of bars and clubs to heighten the experience. From a few chairs, cube stools or tables to a full set of seating, these outdoor LED furniture pieces will open up a new world of flashy and funky furniture arrangements.


Night Lamps

Never sleep in fear again with these sweet LED night lights. With adorable characters such as cats, dogs, teddy bears and woodland creatures; sit these on a bedside table to help the land of dreams come quick and easily. The soft glow of changing and static light can mesmerize tired eyes and help them drift off without a blinding bright or flashing LED mood lighting for bedrooms. Long battery life too.


Sensory Lights

Excite your senses with the range of shaped mood lights. Set to a calming colour to bring a peaceful atmosphere or stimulate with playful colours. The sturdy quality allows the colourful lamps to be rolled and played about, bringing visual entertainment with colours and shape. Transcend homes and sensory rooms with the multi colours of the unique LED sensory lamps, colours blending into each other for an aura of tranquillity. Cool to touch - safe for children. Many different shapes and sizes.


Waterproof Garden Lights

Garden lights have met an original decoration that can be used as table lamps or floor lamps. Mood lights can bring a striking sight into gardens, outdoors and plant pots. Let outside bask in white or colour changing light for a night full of fun. Add the garden mood lights to corners of gardens, flower beds or round your pond in sets of 2 and 3.

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