Printing options & examples

- can print full colour logo or design
- simple logos without backgrounds work best on curved surfaces
- can match to brand colours
- can be printed on 2 sides of sphere
- can have different designs on each side
- areas around the logo are white (white is the base colour of the sphere)

Size options for custom sphere lights

- Size = diameter of sphere

- Sizes up to 30cm are great as table lamps / table centres

- Sizes 40cm and larger good as floor lamps

Power options


- Great for events - no trailing wires

- Multi-colour light with remote - 16 colour options (including white), 4 colour changing modes, dimmable

- Long battery life - up to 8 hours on full charge

- Waterproof (IP65 rated): can use outdoors for events, concerts, festivals

Mains powered

- Good for continuous lighting

- On / off switch on the cord

- If the logo is a colour logo, we will supply with a bright white bulb (ensures colours are accurately reproduced when cube is illuminated)

- If the logo is black, we will supply with multi-colour bulb (remote controlled, 16 colour options including white)


Frequently asked questions

Can I have different designs on each side?

- Yes, you can have different designs. Just upload multiple files and add an explanation if required.


What are the lamps made from?

- PK Green lamps are made from a single, solid, strong PE plastic mould (not acrylic pieces glued together, which can easily break / shatter).

- They are durable, shatterproof, can be transported safely all around the globe, and can withstand drops/falls.