60 cm Globe Orb Floor Lamp Shade, Hollow PE Plastic Ball Sphere Shell, 600 mm Dia.

SKU: SHELL-Ball-60cm

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- Translucent plastic globe shell / lampshade for floor lamp or hanging ceiling light.

- Fit onto light source of your choice (light source not included).

- Once light source is fitted, the sphere will glow in a uniform light, thanks to the PE plastic material.

- Waterproof exterior (IP65 rated) - can use the ball outdoors as long as base is protected from water.

- Material: high quality PE plastic - durable, shatterproof.

This premium semi-transparent plastic globe shell from PK Green can fit onto the light base of your choice. Once the lampshade is fitted onto a suitable light source, the orb will glow in a uniform light, thanks to the translucent PE plastic material.

Once fitted with the appropriate light source, you can use it as a free-standing lamp, or even a hanging pendant light for your ceiling.

You could also fit a DMX base on the orb.


- Diameter: 60 cm / 600 mm / 23.6 in
- Height: 59 cm / 590 mm / 23.2 in
- Diameter of base hole: 12 cm / 120 mm / 4.7 in
- Weight: 3.3 kg / 7.26 lb
- Material: high quality PE plastic
- Waterproof rating: IP65, can use outdoors

What you will receive:

- Sphere plastic shell / lampshade

Please note:

- This shell does not come with a light source. You will need to fit the globe onto an appropriate light source or base. Please ensure you look at the photos and dimensions to determine whether this lampshade will be suitable for you. Of course, if it does not fit, you can return it.

- Light sources can be purchased separately.

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