Custom Branded Light Box with Logo, Corporate Gift, LED Cube Display Sign Lamp

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Overview of personalised lights

- All lamps customised by hand, in our studio in Wolverhampton (in West Midlands, UK)

- Latest Roland printer with 8 inks - can match brand colours closely

- Large quantities in stock (10,000 sq foot warehouse)

- Examples of recent projects:
CNN customised light box
Personalised illuminated display sign
Customised bespoke table centre lamp
Branded backlit sphere table lamp
- See all recent projects on our portfolio page.

Delivery options

- Standard (12-16 working days): free in UK mainland

- Express (7 working days): £145 + VAT

- Express Plus (3 working days): £245 + VAT

A one-of-a-kind customised display light box from PK Green

This premium personalised lightbox from PK Green can be customised with your logo, text or design.

You can use it as a custom branded sign light showcasing your company's logo - an illuminated display sure to be the talking point of your next conference or event.

It also works well as a corporate gift for your valued clients, as an illuminated light box for retail, or as promotional backlit display signage at a tradeshow or exhibition.

This customisable light box will not only help to reinforce your brand amongst your current customers, but it will also help you attract new prospects and convert them into clients.

All in all, this personalised lamp is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Features of your lightbox

These premium quality PK Green LED cube lights are the ultimate display lamps for your business or event.

Sizes up to 30cm are great as modern table centres: for trade shows, conferences, dinners, corporate events, parties, and more.

Sizes 40cm and larger are strong enough to sit on (80kg weight capacity) and they can be used as stools and seats. Our clients also use them as tables.

Perfect for your event, wedding, venue, bar, hotel lobby, restaurant, café, coffee shop, night club and more. Scatter multiple lights across your venue to create a spectacular lighting display.

Power options (choose option above)

Rechargeable - can use indoors and outdoors

- Great for events - wireless, no trailing wires
- Multi-colour light with remote - 16 colour options (including white), 4 colour changing modes, dimmable
- Long battery life - up to 8 hours on full charge
- Waterproof: IP65 rated

Mains powered - indoor option

- Good for continuous lighting
- Supplied with 1.5 metre mains cable and plug
- If the logo is a colour logo, we will supply with a bright white E27 bulb (ensures colours are accurately reproduced when cube is illuminated)
- If the logo is black, we will supply with multi-colour RGB E27 bulb (remote controlled, 16 colour options including white)
- Typically, E27 bulbs are brighter than rechargeable or mains powered outdoor light sources
- The bulb is easily replaceable

Mains powered - outdoor option

- Good for continuous lighting
- Supplied with 1.5 metre mains cable and plug
- Multi-colour light with remote - 16 colour options (including white), 4 colour changing modes, dimmable
- Waterproof: IP65 rated
- Low-voltage 5V RGB light source: suitable for outdoor use
- Mains plug should be protected from water

Other details

- Material of cube: strong PE plastic, single mould (not thin acrylic pieces glued together)
- Robust, shatterproof
- Cubes 40cm or larger are strong enough to sit on (80kg weight capacity)
- Soft rounded corners and edges
- Seamless design, borderless and frameless
- Uniform light distribution throughout
- Can have different designs / logos on each side of cube
- Weight: ranges from 250g (10cm cube) to 8kg (60cm cube)
- Dimensions: choose above, all 3 dimensions of cube (length, width, height) are equal

How your lamp will be customised

Your PK Green light box will be personalised by hand, in the UK, using custom-printed waterproof ultra-thin vinyl.

This gives it a premium look and feel.

Colours will be matched as closely as possible, so that they are accurately reproduced when the lamp is illuminated. We can work with all colours including gradients.

We will also laminate the ink free of charge - this ensures the print lasts a long time, offers UV-protection and gives it extra scratch resistance. PK Green lamps are built to last.

All lamps are assembled and customised by hand, in our workshop in Wolverhampton (in West Midlands, UK).


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