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5 Fun Ways to Use Water Beads

When you see these small crystal beads, who would think they could create so many useful and creative displays. A simple soak in water can make the tiny balls into marble effect water beads that can be the centre of attention at many events.




  1. Glass Ornament Décor

The water beads are a simple yet decorative item that can just add a finishing touch to any glass ornaments. In a wide selection of colours available, you can fill up glass vases and dishes to match your interior colour scheme for a matching decoration

Water Absorbing Aqua Balls

  1. Flower Vases

The water beads not only can fill up flow vases to make the vase look a bit more decorative but they can also provide the flowers with water too. The water absorbing beads can also have the water absorbed from them too. Using the beads as an alternative to water can stop any spillages and mess too. Keep water in the vase too so the flowers and beads have enough to last both.

Water Bead Wedding Centre Piece

  1. Wedding Centre Pieces

Water beads have took weddings by storm by providing a simple yet elegant table centre decorations. With their handy relationship with flowers, they can keep the plants in the centres looking fresh all day long. The aqua beads can also be paired with LED lighting, to create a fantastic glowing piece. Whether a submersible light is popped in between to glow right in the centre or you add the vase on a light up base, the transparent water beads will burst with light, enhancing the beads colours and flowers all in one.

LED Light Base for Vase Centrepieces

  1. Plant Feeders

Now we know the water beads are handy with plants, they can also provide a backup supply of water to many plants. If you are heading out for a weekend long break, don’t worry asking the neighbours to pop round. Simply fill up the vase, pot or bury in the soil with the water beads and let them do the work. They retain water well and release water in small does to provide extra substance for your plants.

Potted Plant Feeder Water Beads

  1. Water Fountains

Add a splash of colour into water bowls, outdoor pools and fountains with the aqua crystal balls. The water beads can decoration the bed in a range of colours available, that can be mix and matched.
This method is great for all water features. From ponds, pools, or water fountains, the aqua beads can add a colourful touch to every garden water features. Being constantly in water, the balls will continuously absorb water, making them last for a long time.
With the water balls being biodegradable and soft, they are NOT recommended for fish tanks and ponds containing fish or other animals.

Water Fountain

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