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About PK Green Batteries

In a wide variety, our batteries collection strives with the numerous pack quantities and low prices, making PK Green the best go to website for batteries.

We provide button batteries that are coin cells, AA’s, D types and small watch button batteries.

The CR2032, also known as DL2032, 5004Cl is a small 3V coin lithium battery that can work for watches, in gadgets, calculators and remote controls. The CR2032 batteries are also famous for running our flameless tealights and submersible lights that give the candles a long and efficient battery life.
For guaranteed long lasting power, our Duracell 2032 battery promises unstoppable battery life.

We also provide a D type NiMH rechargeable batteries in a set of 2 that fit our colourful hurricane LED lanterns. With a rechargeable feature, the batteries will last the whole lifetime of the lantern.

See our packs of AG13 batteries. The small button battery is a widely used small battery, also known as LR44 which can supply power to watches, flashlights, cameras and our small LED mood lights. From ordinary spheres, cubes and eggs to fun hearts and stars and cute squirrels, the AG13 batteries can provide a bright light for the light up table decorations.

The pack of 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries are the most popular for the contribution to many electrical items. Use the AA batteries for our travel torch lanterns, the cute cat and dog shaped night lights and our brand new fibre optic table lamps.

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