About PK Green Bedroom Lamps

This collection of bedside table lamps and elegant floor lamps is sure to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom – whether it’s a child’s bedroom or an adult’s bedroom.

These high end, premium lamps from PK Green are manufactured to the highest standards; every lamp is assembled, customised and tested in the UK.

You have a choice of different power sources for your lamp: battery powered (AA/AAA batteries), rechargeable, or mains powered.

Battery operated night lamps

Battery powered night lights are great for your bedside table. Because they run on batteries, they’re completely safe to hold and touch – with no trailing wires and no mains power. Great for kids or children. They have a long battery life too – they’ll last a whole week if you use them a few hours each day.

Rechargeable cordless table lamps and floor lamps

No bedroom is complete without table lamps and floor lamps. PK Green lamps are made of high quality PE plastic, to allow uniform light distribution through the entire lamp. They’re also shatterproof – you don’t need to worry if you drop them accidentally.

Being rechargeable, there are no wires to worry about. This means there are no trailing wires to trip over, and your whole display will look more elegant.

Each cordless lamp comes with a remote, so you can choose any colour you want, and even a colour changing mode. The remote has a dimmer button so you can adjust the brightness of the lamps as you wish.

Mains operated bedroom table and floor lamps

PK Green mains powered floor lamps come fitted with a bright LED bulb – so you don’t need to worry about buying a bulb or installing a bulb. We’ll take care of that for you – so you can just plug in the lamp and enjoy.

You have a choice of 3 different bulbs – cool white, warm white and multicolour (with remote).

For the bedroom, we recommend warm white as blue light can be particularly harsh on the eyes at night, and prevent you from getting a great sleep. Choose a warm white or multicolour bulb for the best effect in your bedroom.

Hanging pendant lights for ceiling

We also have hanging lamps for your bedroom – they come fitted with an LED bulb too, so they’re ready to use. Again, you have a choice of cool white, warm white and colour changing RGB bulb (with remote control). Great for overhead lighting in your bedroom.

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