About PK Green Deco Lamps

PK Green LED art deco lamps are the ultimate decorative lights for your home or event. Whether you want a lamp for a table centrepiece, a hanging lamp for your ceiling, or a large floor lamp for your lounge, you’re sure to find a light that is perfect for you.

You have many different shapes and styles to choose from, including cubes, globes, eggs – and even larger feature pieces such as illuminated figurines and LED furniture.

PK Green deco lights come in 2 versions: rechargeable and mains powered. All lamps are made of high quality PE plastic, to allow uniform light distribution throughout the surface. This also means that the lamps are shatterproof – so you don’t need to worry if you drop the lamp accidentally on the floor. All lamps are assembled, customised, tested and shipped in the UK.

Rechargeable wireless deco lamps

Simply charge these lamps and put them anywhere you want. They have a long battery life, so they’ll glow all through the evening. They even come with a remote control, so you can choose any colour you want – there are 16 static colours and 4 colour changing modes. The remote control also allows you to adjust the brightness of the light using the dimmer buttons.

Cordless lamps are perfect for events where you need stunning but temporary lighting, or venues where you don’t want the hassle of mains power. Rechargeable lamps allow for a very clean display, with no trailing wires. This makes them safer too, as there are no trip hazards and no mains AC electricity.

These lamps are also waterproof (IP65) so you can use them outdoors. They are UV resistant, so won’t fade or discolour in sunlight.

Mains operated deco lighting

Mains powered lamps offer a great solution when you require lighting at a fixed location, or if you don’t want to keep charging your lamp (for example, if you need constant lighting 24/7).

PK Green mains powered lamps come fitted with a bright LED bulb, so you can use them straight away. You have a choice of different bulbs, including white, warm white and multi-colour (with remote control). There is a switch on the cord, so you can turn them on and off with ease.

Personalised deco lamps for custom lighting

You can also customise your lamp with your text, logo, photo or design – to make a completely unique feature piece. This is great to promote your brand (by putting your logo on your lamp) or to give as a gift (personalise the light for your recipient).

View our personalised lamps category or visit our portfolio page for more information.

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