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About PK Green Pink LED Pillar Candles & LED Tea Lights

The proficient and pretty candles are the talk of the town. Whether you are looking for a dash of pink light to match your bedroom, wedding schemes and you simply like the soft flickering pink LED, the battery operated candles can guarantee instant heart-warming light that are so unique yet mimic real flame candle aspects.

The pink led tea lights are available in a set of 4, 12 and 48. They add a relaxing and comforting light without any worries. Purely powered on lithium batteries, the flameless candles release no heat or smoke and are suitable for home and events with children and pets.

The pink led pillar candles are heat friendly with the flickering light. The subtle size of 4 and 5cm, makes them the ideal addition to your table centres or in candle holders.

All the electric pink led candles are powered through batteries giving an impressive life span of 24-48 hours of continuous light or a whole week if used on the occasional evening.

The packs of candles will look stunning decorating windowsills, staircases and for any occasion. Why not add the fun light underwater as well. Choose from a set of 5 or 10, and dazzle your water features in bright pink light! The waterproof tealights can safe and easy to use. Simply twist and add to hot tubs, baths, and ice buckets for the finishing touches.

Prefer the real flame candles?  Still incorporating LED light, our magic wax candles burn a real flame while glowing in colour changing LED. The pink wax pillar candle is keeping to its traditional design while adding a fanatic heat activated rainbow light for a bit of difference in your home décor.

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