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About PK Green Real Wax LED Battery Candles

We stock a whole host of wax candles, made to add a surreal light to home and events alike. Our variety of styles can match any preference whether it is for the garden, as an additional home decoration or to bring a relaxing aura for special occasions.

Take the real wax candle outdoors, in the colourful and patterned containers, that act as much as a garden light decoration as a candle. The colourful jars and prettily designed buckets stand out as garden features, along with the shimmering real flame. What’s more, the citronella scent deters any insects, providing a clear, bug-free evening outside.
 The bucket candles are not only real wax candles; they light up in rainbow LED too. The mixture of real flame and LED light is seen in our real flame pillar candles, providing the best of both light sources.

We also offer a selection of wax candles with battery LED flames. The range of electric candles will provide a secure flicker flame, while seemingly realistic with the wax finish.
Besides the LED flame, the taper candles also show melting wax effect, which brings the candles to life. The dripping design is highly realistic and stops the hassle of cleaning up melted wax.

All our wax tea light candles are of premium quality, whether they are our simple cream wax pillar candle or brightly coloured wax dancing flame candles. The exquisite remote controlled candles are a mixture of real wax candles with battery powered flames to provide the best candle light to our customers.

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